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Dealership hours of operation
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Dealership hours of operation
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Winter Tires

Get a Grip! Winter Tire Program

With winter inevitably coming it’s time to get ready! This year Manitoba Public Insurance has started a winter tire program allowing you to finance your winter tires! This is great news to anyone living in Manitoba and Portage la Prairie area. In the past, purchasing a new set of winter tires has definitely been seen as an investment for customers and sometimes not affordable depending on a person’s situation.

This program makes it easy to get a new set of winter tires on your vehicle without breaking the bank. MPI now has financing available that allows you to make monthly payments instead of a large sum of money upfront.

All-Season vs. Winter Tires

Although all-season tires can be used in a moderate winter environment, winter tires provide the best cold-weather performance below 7°C. This includes wet and dry in addition to snow/ice/slush surfaces where greater tread flexibility leads to better grip.

Why Do I Need Winter Tires?

  • Increased control of the vehicle with snow or icy roads
  • Increased Safety for those in the vehicle
  • Reduction in Accidents
  • Summer tires aren’t designed for Manitoba winter conditions

Am I Eligible for Tire Financing?

If you have a Manitoba driver’s license and the vehicle is registered in your name, then YES!

What is Covered?

  • Tires
  • Rims
  • Mounting
  • Taxes and Fees
  • Balancing

How Much Can I Finance?

Up to $2,000 per vehicle with a low interest rate of 2% (prime plus).

How does the Financing Work?

When you select the tires you will be able to select a finance term between 1 and 4 years.
The payments will be set up as an automatic withdrawal payment.

Ready to get Started?

We have an incredibly knowledgeable staff that can help find the right tires for you!
Fill out the contact us form to start the process of getting your winter tires or give us a call today! (866) 835-5850